Dear listeners and readers,

For those of you who don't know me. Hello! My name is Signe and it is great to meet you. I have recently taken off on the adventure of a life time and I would love for you to join me. 


For one year I will be traveling around the world. First, because the travel bug has bit me hard and I have been finding it hard to sit still. Second, I’m not sure what I want to do in life. I know what I want to get out of life but I’m not sure what in life is going to feed me the fulfillment I am seeking. So I thought about what makes me feel free. What makes me feel like I’m thriving and growing, loving, and reaching that place of fulfillment in myself.


i have identified three things:

  1. Music

    • Telling the story of an emotion through song excites me. Makes my heart full.

  2. Traveling 

    • Seeing the connections between human kind, learning new customs and listening to other's stories puts my existence into perspective and gives me the space and place to just be.It quiets my mind.

  3. Community,

    • The friendships I’ve formed in a day or in 10 years are all dear to my heart. I love bringing people together and connecting with other humans. This feeds my soul.

I believe that if we chase the things that give us that feeling of freedom, joy and true healthy fulfilled desire, the universe will unlock. Opportunities we never dreamed of will come flying our way and life will throw at us what we are ready for...even if we might not feel totally ready ourselves.


So an idea began to form. A way for me to chase these three pillars of self and share them with all of you.


It begins with storytelling. Everything, everyone, every song has a story. My focus is to find the stories, share them and listen to yours.


To listen to the stories of my soul and the stories I’ve witnessed listen to my music. Come see me play live and keep up to date with where I will be next. I would love to meet you.


To read the stories I find, look for the field guides I write as I move from place to place. These are all short stories, journals featuring real places and scenes I find in the places I go. 


To tell me your story, meet new people and stay connected through my book club, join the community here and read and travel along with us.


So excited to have you along for the ride.



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© 2017 by Signe Engstrand