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I'm a pop girl who can oscillate from the dark and moody (see "Cry Wolf") to the piano ballad with a story like narrative. If you love Maggie Rogers, Lorde, Sara Bareilles or a throwback to ABBA, you'll probably find something in my work that speaks to you. 

My most recent single, Kerosene Stars, is a JOURNEY. It tells a story of two lovers losing connection with themselves and each other. Set against a backdrop of a gorgeous night sky... it's a song for singing in the car on those late night drives. 

I hope you find something here that speaks to you. 





The first song I ever wrote was called "Boom Boom Kalamazoo" it was about animals escaping from... you guessed it, the zoo. Listen I was 8 years old, inventive rhymes were not really a top priority. Years after this excellent writing debut, I was debating on pursuing musical theater or a career as a singer- songwriter. Stuck in my indecision, a dear and wise mentor bluntly said "You have too much to say to be singing other people's songs". 

She was right, I do have a lot to say. The thing is you probably have a lot to say too. In fact I doubt that anybody doesn't have anything to say, just that sometimes we can't figure out how to say it. 

So how about we figure it out together?

"You have too much to say to be singing other people's songs"


Synch it up!

Fun fact, until way too old I thought "lip sync" was spelled "lip sink" because although I may be a strong writer, I am NOT a strong speller. I remember being totally perplexed asking my Mom "okay but I don't get it, that term makes no sense, how is the singer sinking??" to which she responded by laughing before gently explaining that I was an idiot. 

I promise my recordings will not sink your project but instead, add depth for your audience to sink their teeth into. 

Don't hear what you're looking for? Need something super specific? I'm your girl. Let me write it for you... I promise our ideas will be so in sync!



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