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I am a singer songwriter actively working and developing my craft in the Paris music scene.This past year I released my debut EP and music video and am currently working on my next recording project. My writing style and musical focus is pop and contemporary music styles. 

Besides songwriting, teaching is also passion of mine. My music education gave me more than just the skills to play an instrument. It tested my creativity, taught me to think dynamically and helped me to develop self-discipline. There are so many reasons to learn a musical skill, and I would love to help you discover yours.

  • Education
    Bachelors of Music Columbia College Chicago 2018
    Popular Music Exchange Program Pop Akademie Baden - Wurrtemberg Germany 2017


  • Experience
    5+ years of experience teaching private and group lessons in a variety of subjects
    All ages welcome

teaching style


How you learn is just as important as what you learn. Every subject has a set of core techniques and skills that the student is required to know, yet the development of these skills is based on the individual. I want these lessons to be yours. I am here to guide and facilitate your growth to help you discover what fuels and inspires you. My goal is to provide a structured learning experience with enough space for individual creativity and musical expression.

How this looks practically.


Instrumental/Vocal Students
When beginning a new piece or section of theory we will focus on learning the new material but also go over various practice techniques, study strategies and specific repertoire, landing on which methods and styles work for you.


Students will study a mixture of their favorite artists as well as artists/songs/poets I provide as examples of certain lyrical technique or song structure. It is important to discover what it is you enjoy about your influences and also be exposed to artists that may surprise and inspire you.


Music Theory

Theory is the math of music. It has equations and formulas that act as the building blocks of songs. However, there is still room for personalization. Classical theory and Pop/Rock or Jazz Theory approach pieces of music differently. We will explore the genres of your choosing.



All classes are private lessons tailored to the student’s individual learning pace, level and interests. 

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music theory


  • $40/€30 per 1 hour lesson


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