• Signe

Clear Water

Life chooses to stand still and let me breathe in the moments I least expect it to. A phone call with an ex. A cold winter day standing on the median of a busy road. A word or phrase I’ve never heard that opens up a whole new meaning.

“Some things already water clear in your mind that others may never understand”

I ponder this.

I let it ripple through me.

I squint into the grey sunny glint of winter that still hangs low in the sky.

I breathe in and I find that I don’t feel alone but proud. I don’t feel isolated in my ocean but able to thrive with the millions of memory organisms that build the habitats of my mind.

I watch the water run clear and see to the depths. To my heart, and I tell her she is loved.

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© 2017 by Signe Engstrand